Little Update

Hey, game multiplayer works fine, now i need to work on gameplay, maybe more spells and that kind of stuff 🙂 If you have any idea let me know, together …

Now on patreon

Hey guys i have patreon page now 🙂 you can come and see me here, i will upload some more info soon 🙂

Player List

Hey just done with playerlist, now need to connect players from list to gameObjects and everything should work just fine 🙂

Server and multiplayer

Hey i’m working on server now, and all the function of MP game, I can successfully connect to server, login and register, servers list works too.

Project info

Server is online and works fine, a little bit of work but now i can connect to it from my client, now its time to focus on gameplay.

New Project Sneak Peak

Hey Guys Im working on A new Project, time to make a Dice Game. I’m gonna work on it whole week, let’s find out what will come out of it.

My projects

On this page i will upload information about my projects, most of them you can find on My first project was The Biggest Warriors i made it a long …

Lets start with it

Hey Guys it is time to finaly made my own site. I will be uploading some things here like tutorials, info about my projects and more. Stay in touch.